Androgyne ancestral spirits

My gender is Androgyne, I express my gender via androgynous or femme aesthetic. Its not knew; its draining to repeat this and even more draining that I censor at times my gender identity & expression out of valid safety concerns. For me, the whole “womanhood/sisterhood” part is the most stressful, socially dysphoric, and often an emotionally violent experience.

I don’t bother to reassert my gender pronouns for the process of reminding others is too stressful. I’m greater than pronouns and its a shame on others to not recognize the ancestral blessings of my non-binary humanity.

There are two Androgyne deities that I can most relate: Mawu-Lisa, birthed by the Fon God-Creator Nana Buluku, and Marassa Jumeaux, Haitian lwa (spirit) who are considered so high in spiritual importance they are served after Legba in Rada Vodou ceremonies.

(Image 1: Artistic representation of Mawu-Lisa depicting the male (sun) and female (moon) in one body.  Image 2: One variation of the Veve for Marassa. Marassa Jumeaux are known as twins lwa, and yet they are depicted as three forms, they are male and female, and both male and both female. )

Given that Mawu-Lisa originate from where my ancestors are from, The Kingdom of Dahomey (modern day Togo and Benin), and being of Haitian heritage, both Mawu-Lisa and Marassa provide me with a direct ancestral framework for my gender in addition to a wider net of belonging to my own people’s Androgyne spirits.

This essay wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t mention that children born after twins are Dossou (Dosu in Fon) and are known to have strong wills and psychic abilities. My mother is a Dossou. So what does that make me?  A Bondye approved Androgyne!

© 2017 Fey
*Keep an eye out for a short essay about my experiences with Ezili Danto, bisexual erasure, blackness, and Vodou spaces.

If you would like, learn more about my Androgyne ancestral spirits here:
Mawu-Lisa Creation Story
Marassa Jumeaux
‘Marassa yo’ by RAM
Saluting Marassa (ceremony) 


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