Alienate and shun no more

I’m making it my intention to use the words alienated and shunned rather than isolated, the former clearly describes my reality.

My ex friend would contact me every 6 months via text to demand emotional labor. She lived 30 minutes away and we didn’t see each other offline unless I initiated and organized the whole gathering while I observed that she initiated and organized to hangout with her other friends without inviting me.

She said once: I don’t understand why you’re so isolated. You keep saying you’re isolated but I keep seeing you online posting things about self-care and mindfulness. You look so good! You’re so different, I can’t even explain but your not like the other ladies I hang with. Is all the self-care you are doing helping with your isolation?

Since she lacked self awareness of her own actions and my repeated explanation of how I define community fell on a human that didn’t have the capacity to give, I ended that connection.


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